Export Relay Teams dialog
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Using this dialog, you can export relay teams as XML (eXtended Markup Language) format files.  The format has been specified in the IOF Interface Standards project, and you can find more information on the IOF home page at http://www.orienteering.org under the menu IOF / IT Commission / Interface Standards project.

The output from the dialog is a file which contains the relay teams that have been created in the Relay Team Assignments spreadsheet. 

This information can be imported into event administration software for easier punch checking.  The file does NOT contain the actual courses.  So you need also export a course data file from the Export course data as XML dialog.

When you click "Export", Condes will prompt you for a file name for the file to which the exported data should be saved.


Choose between "ISO-8859-1" and "UTF-8".  This is the character encoding of texts in the file.  UTF-8 is available only when Condes is running in Unicode mode, and is recommended, as this encoding can handle the 16-bit character values used by the Unicode standard.  ISO-8859-1 is the standard Windows character set, and files using this encoding may depend on the character set used on the computer that is used to generate the file.