Export courses as PDF dialog
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This window lets you export maps and courses to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.  PDF is the preferred format used by most print shops, and you can usually send a PDF file directly to the print shop for printing the courses and maps.  Additionally, a PDF file can be used by drawing programs such as Adobe Illustrator to further process the courses and consolidate them with the map for course and map printing.

This is what you can do

When exporting to PDF, first select which canvas to use, and which courses you want to export. If you use multiple canvases, create separate exports for each canvas.  The exported courses will appear as pages in a single PDF file.

By default, each course will be on a separate page, and Condes will format the page size to fit the course.  This option is useful when you plan to use the exported PDF file for further processing before printing.

When you plan to send the exported PDF file to a print shop for printing, you'll probably want to select a standard page size, such as A4 or Letter.  Condes will then print each course on a separate page and center the course layout on the page.  If the course doesn't fit on one page, Condes will split the course onto multiple pages.

For more optimal use of paper, Condes can lay out multiple copies of the same course - or multiple, different courses - onto a page.  You can for example fit 4 courses of A5 size onto one A3 page.   This option is similar to what you find in the Print Maps with Courses dialog for printing courses directly to a printer.

Select which courses to export

Select which courses to export by checking the boxes in the list of courses to the left.  For courses with variations, you can select each variation individually.   For courses with map change, you can select the "entire course" and/or each individual part.

If you have created relay teams, you can select from the list of teams and team legs, and print personalized maps for each team leg.  This can be combined with adding team number and leg etc. on the reverse side of the map.

Page setup

Page Size can be set at either "Fit page to course size"; one out of a number of predefined standard paper formats; or "Custom size".

    1. When you choose "Fit page to course size", one map will be placed on each page, and the page size will be adjusted to fit the selected print area for each course.  So each page in the file may be of different size. 
    2. When you choose a standard or custom page size, each page in the file will have the same size.  For this option, Condes will fill each page with multiple courses or copies of the same course.  You can choose between:

Map Setup

From Canvas

This setting controls which canvas is used, i.e. map and which graphics layout will be used for the export. 

Export all selected courses on one map

Check this box to print all of the selected courses on the same map.  This is intended for training exercises, where you run several different courses after each other.

Export scale

This is the scale at which the courses will be exported.  If the Condes layout is at 1:15 000, this will be the default export scale, but if you need to import the course onto a 1:10 000 map, you change the export scale to 1:10 000.

Include map

If this box is unchecked, the map will be omitted in the file.

For Overprint use

This setting controls how overprint effect is handled in the PDF file, both for map colors and for the course overprint.

There are two options: "Overprint operator", and "Blend mode DARKEN".  The default setting is "Blend mode DARKEN".

When you select "Overprint operator", you need to ensure that the software you use to display and print the PDF file, is configured to simulate overprint effect.  For example, when using Adobe Reader, you need to configure Adobe Reader to show overprint effect, otherwise it will ignore overprint effect.

When using Blend mode DARKEN, such considerations are unnecessary.

There is virtually no visible difference between "Overprint operator" and "Blend mode DARKEN".

Course Area Setup

Condes offers three options as for which area to print:


Which area is exported?

Defined printout page area

Condes will export the area that is defined for each course and Canvas in the Course Layout Editor.

Entire canvas area

Condes will export the area that is defined by the boundaries of the map file (if one is specified).

The area will be extended with any area of the course (and control descriptions) that extends outside the map area.

Area covered by course

Condes will export an area that is defined by the coordinates of the extreme points of the course (excluding control descriptions etc.)

Control descriptions and course symbols (out of bounds, refreshments etc) will be included when they fall within the boundaries of the above mentioned print area.