OCAD co-ordinates for top left registration mark
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Normally, when you use an OCAD map file, Condes and OCAD uset he same co-ordinates, so there is no need for co-ordinate translation. 

However, if you use a bitmap file, or you have moved your OCAD map in Condes, co-ordinate translation is needed to registrer the courses correctly when exported to OCAD.

Read "How to correctly align courses exported to OCAD" for a detailed explation.

No translation

When you select this option, there will be no translation.  Condes coordinates are used when exporting.

Translate Condes co-ordinates by means of the top left registration mark.

When you select this option, and you have entered the OCAD co-ordinates for the top left registration mark below, then Condes will translate Condes co-ordinates to OCAD co-ordinates when exporting.

East, North

The co-ordinates in OCAD for the top left registration mark.  If you have defined more than one registration mark in Condes, Condes will assume the topmost, leftmost one.