Colors setup for export to OCAD dialog
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An OCAD file contains a color table.  OCAD's color table defines the colors that can be used, and in which order they appear on top of each other (the color layers).

Import into OCAD of a course and a control description will work correctly only if the color table in the OCAD map file is set up to accommodate the "imported symbols".  The course and the control description must be at the top color layers; otherwise they may be covered by other map symbols.

The course needs a purple color, which is already in the standard OCAD color table. 

The control description may use the same purple color if you want the control description in purple, or it may need a black color - which is NOT in the standard OCAD color table at the appropriate position (layer). 

In addition to the base (purple or black) color, the control descriptions need a white color underneath them, to cover for the map underneath.  Furthermore, a few control descriptions symbols are designed in two layers - eg. the dry ground in a marsh is designed by putting a white patch on top of the marsh lines.  So, an additional white color on top of the base color is needed.

You can add the colors manually into the OCAD map's color table, or you can let Condes do it for you, by using the "Add colors" button.  In any case, if you change the color table in Condes, make sure that you do the corresponding changes also in the OCAD map's color table, so that the two are always "synchronized".

Condes places in the exported OCAD file a color table with four colors:

  1. Course

This is the color used for the course symbols (lines, circles and numbers)

  1. Purple 50%

This is the color used for the "Sprint Temporary Construction area" out-of-bounds symbol

  1. Black

This is the color used for the "Permanent Out-of bounds" symbol

  1. Control description line

This is the base color used for the control descriptions

  1. Control description background

This the background color (normally white) behind the control descriptions grid.

This dialog can be used to configure the colors in that color table to your requirements


This saves the color table on your PC.  The color table follows the Condes file when you copy it to another PC.

My standard colors

This will let you save a color table of your own personal preference.  You can "Save" the current color table as you own standard, and you can retrieve ("Get") your own standard color table and impose it on the current event.

Condes standard colors

Condes stores a set of standard colors.  You can fill the table with the standard color values by clicking the "Get" button.

Add Condes colors to OCAD map file

You can add the Condes color table to your OCAD map by using the "Add colors" button.  Condes will ask you for the file name of the OCAD map file, and will subsequently allow you to enter a different file name for the updated file (you can leave the original map file intact).

If the necessary colors are already present in the OCAD map's color table, Condes will leave the color table untouched.