Export courses to OCAD dialog
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This feature lets you transfer course layouts and control descriptions from Condes to OCAD.   From within OCAD you can then print the map complete with course and control descriptions, or you can export Postscript files for offset printing. 

Condes exports each course as a separate OCAD file in either OCAD 8, 7, or OCAD 6 format.  

Control descriptions will be exported with the course if Condes is setup to print control descriptions on the map.  Use the menu File/Event Specific Settings, and the tab "Control descriptions" to configure whether control descriptions will be exported with the course.

This is how:

  1. Generate the courses as OCAD export files from Condes, using this dialog box.
  2. Open the OCAD map and import the course files into OCAD, one at the time.

When you import the course layout into OCAD, you may have to drag it to fit correctly onto map.  Use registration marks to achieve better precision.   Condes can help you achieve the best precision if you enter into Condes the OCAD co-ordinates of the topmost, leftmost registration mark, for further explanation see below or click here.

OCAD version 6:

If you use OCAD version 6, you need to consider also the color(s) of the courses and control descriptions. If you intend to print to a color printer from OCAD, you may want purple color for the course, and black color for the control descriptions.  Or, if you are to produce overprints onto existing maps, you may want both course and control descriptions to be purple.   Or you may want to design your own color scheme.   Use the "Colors" button to setup the colors.

PLEASE NOTE that you need to add some extra colors to the OCAD map's color table.  Otherwise, the control descriptions may be "invisible", when you import them into OCAD.  Condes can help you add the colors, please use the "color" button.

OCAD version 7/8:

If you use OCAD version 7 or 8, you do not need to add colors to the OCAD map.  In OCAD version 7 and 8, first open the course file exported from Condes, then use the menu "Options" / "Open template..." (OCAD 7) or "Template" / "Open" (OCAD 8) to open the map file.

Note regarding export scales and print scales:

Condes always print the circles at the dimensions specified in the Course Layout Properties dialog, regardless of printout scale.

However, OCAD scales the dimensions of circles and texts when printing at a different scale. Thus, if you export a course from Condes to OCAD, and you intend to print it from OCAD at a different scale than you export it, the circles and texts will be too large or too small.  

Condes can "inverse" this effect by scaling the circles, line widths and texts opposite of what OCAD will do when it prints.   In order to do this, Condes needs to know the intended printout scale.  The export dialog allows you to specify both the export scale which should match the map scale in OCAD, as well as the intended printout scale from OCAD.

Select which course to export

Select in this pane the course you want to export.  If you select the keyword "Courses", all courses will be exported (each in a separate file).  If you select the keyword "All controls", Condes will export a layout of all controls instead of a course.


Pull down to select the canvas from which to export the course.


Click this button when you are ready to perform the export.  Upon clicking the button, you will be asked to choose the name and location of each OCAD export file.

Export scale

This is the scale at which the courses will be exported.  If the Condes layout is at 1:15 000, this will be the default export scale, but if you need to import the course onto a 1:10 000 map, you change the export scale to 1:10 000.

Printout scale

If you intend to print the map with the courses from OCAD at a scale different from the scale of the map in OCAD; then circles and control descriptions need to be scaled also, so that they will print at the correct size.  Otherwise, circles and control descriptions will be enlarged (or shrunk) when printed from OCAD. 

Indicate here, at which scale you intend to print from OCAD.   Condes will then adjust the size of the circles and control descriptions so that they will print at the correct size.

File Format

Select whether to generate OCAD 8, 7, or 6 format files


Click this button to setup the color scheme for your courses and control descriptions.  This is an important step.  Please read the help for colors by clicking here.

Co-ordinate translation...

Normally, when you use an OCAD map file, Condes and OCAD uset he same co-ordinates, and there is no need for co-ordinate translation.  However, if you use a bitmap file, or you have moved your OCAD map in Condes, co-ordinate translation is needed to registrer the courses correctly when exported to OCAD.

Read "How to correctly align courses exported to OCAD" for a detailed explation.

Click on this button to open a dialog to set up the translation.  The button will be disabled ("grayed out") when you have not created any registration marks.