Export Courses to EPS dialog
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This feature lets you export maps and courses to Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files.

An EPS file is the preferred format by most print shops, and you can usually send EPS files directly to the print  shop for printing the course and map, or for overprinting on existing maps.

Alternatively, EPS files can be used by drawing programs such as Adobe Illustrator to further process the courses and consolidate them with the map for course and map printing.

You have several options when exporting to EPS files. 

Condes can export:

  1. each course to a separate EPS file.  The EPS file area will fit to the course. This option is useful when you need to use the EPS file for further processing before printing.
  2. Condes can combine multiple courses (or copies of the same course) onto one page.  The EPS file area will be fixed, for example A3 format, and Condes will fill the page.  This is suitable when you send the files directly to the print shop.

These two options are similar to what you find in the Print Maps with Courses dialog for printing courses.

Please do not forget to inspect the exported result after you have created the EPS files.  There are several freeware programs that can read EPS files, for example  IrfanView  and  GSView (GhostScript).   IrfanView shows the files in a somewhat crude format, but is somewhat faster than GSView.  GSView on the other hand shows the files somewhat smoother and nicer.

Select which courses to export

Select which courses to export by checking the boxes in the list of courses to the left.  If you select "Courses", all the courses will be exported.

Export scale

This is the scale at which the courses will be exported.  If the Condes layout is at 1:15 000, this will be the default export scale, but if you need to import the course onto a 1:10 000 map, you change the export scale to 1:10 000.

Selecting which area to export:

Condes offers three options as for which area to print:


Which area is exported?

Defined printout page area

Condes will export the area that is defined for each course and Canvas in the Course Layout Editor.

Entire canvas area

Condes will export the area that is defined by the boundaries of the canvas.

Area covered by course

Condes will export an area that is defined by the coordinates of the extreme points of the course (excluding control descriptions etc.)

Control descriptions and course symbols (out of bounds, refreshments etc) will be included if they fall within the boundaries of the above mentioned print area.

Page setup

Use this group of setting to control the size of the page in each exported file, and what is shown on each page.

Page Size can be set at either "One course per page", a number of predefined standard page sizes, or "Custom size".

If you choose "One course per page", Condes will export each course into a separate file. The "bounding box" of the file will be equal to the size of the exported area.

If you choose a predefined standard size, the "bounding box" of the file with be set at the chosen standard size, and you can now choose between filling the page with copies of the same course, or with as many different courses as will fit on the chosen page size.

If you choose "Custom size", you can enter the dimensions of the page. This option otherwise behaves similarly to when you choose a predefined standard size.

You can choose between "Portrait" and "Landscape" page orientation.

If you select "One copy of each course", Condes will try to fit the courses onto as few pages as possible.

This means that if there is room for more than one course on the same page, Condes will fill up the page with different courses.

On the other hand, if you have selected "Fill page with copies of course", Condes will print only what fits within one page of each course, and it will fit as many copies of the course as will fit onto the page.

Spacing controls the spacing between the exported courses on the page.

When laying out multiple courses (or multiple copies of the same course) on a page, Condes will apply a layout method that will optimize the use of the space on the page, and at the same time make cutting the courses from each other as easy as possible.

Course all black

If this box is checked, both control descriptions and courses will be in black in the EPS file.  If left unchecked, the colors defined elsewhere will be applied.

Include map

If this box is checked, the map will also be exported.