Export Courses as Bitmap dialog
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This feature lets you create bitmap files with the map, the course layout, and the control descriptions.

Bitmap files are particularly useful for publishing map and courses on the internet.

Condes exports each course as a separate bitmap file.

Control descriptions will be exported with the course if Condes is setup to print control descriptions on the map.  Use the menu Course Overprints/Settings, and the tab "Control descriptions" to configure whether control descriptions will be exported with the course.

If you select "Courses", all the courses will be exported, each in a separate file.

If the map is geo positioned so that Condes can calculate the real world coordinates for the top left corner of the exported bitmap, Condes will addition

Export scale

This is the scale at which the courses will be exported.  If the Condes layout is at 1:15 000, this will be the default export scale.

File type

Condes can create JPG, BMP, PNG, and TIF files.  PNG, JPG, and TIF files are compressed, which means that they generally takes up less space on the hard disk, and less transfer time if you transfer the file on the internet.  The compression does mean a slight reduction in quality.

Color quality

This option is available only for BMP files.  Choose between 16 bit or 24 bit per pixel.   For an orienteering map, 16 bit is more than adequate quality.


The resolution controls the number of pixels (color dots) per inch in the file.  The higher resolution, the better the quality.  The file size is proportional to the square of the resolution, so be careful not to set the resolution too large.  Whether Condes will be able to create a bitmap file at a given resolution depends on whether the resulting bitmap fits on the hard disk.  And the processing time to create a bitmap grows fast at higher resolution.

Use "Windows Color Management" to convert OCAD map colors

This option controls how Condes converts OCAD map colors from the CMYK colors in the map file to the RGB colors that are needed by Windows to render the map.

When this option is checked, Condes will use the Windows Color Management system for the conversion.  When this option is unchecked, Condes will use a simple algorithm for the conversion.