Create Event Wizard - Page 4
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The "Create Event Wizard" will guide you through the setting up of a new event file.  The "wizard" is shown when you use the menu item  File  / New Event File.

On this page, the Wizard will ask you to select the discipline for the event that you are going to work with.

You can select either "Foot O", "Mountain Bike O", "Ski-O", or "Trail-O".

In reality, any Condes event file can contain courses for all four disciplines.  Your selection does not set any limits to this.   However, your selection determines the default type of control and type of course when you create new controls and courses.

For example, for Ski-O events, the standard setting for controls will be to have a dot at the center of the circle.  For other disciplines, you can still configure a control or a course to show a dot at the center of the circle, but you would have to do that explicitly.l