Course Leg dialog
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This dialog appears when you double-click on a course leg.  It lets you control how the course leg is shown, and how it is described in the control descriptions.

Is this leg specific to this course?

A leg between two controls can be common for all courses, or it can be specific to a given course.

For a course leg:

    1. The settings can be saved with the course and are therefore specific for this course,
    2. The settings can be stored with the event data and will be shared among all courses that do not have specific settings for this leg.

Line shape and appearance

Follow taped route between controls

Check this box to indicate that the entire leg between the two controls are marked with streamers.   The course leg will be shown with a dashed line.   The control description will show a row with the symbol "Follow taped route between controls".

Please note:  You cannot designate a leg that is specific to a coure as a marked leg.  For obvious reasons, if the leg between two controls is marked, it marked for all courses.

Additional control description for this leg

Use this setting to indicate that you want to show a "Mandatory Crossing Point", a "Mandatory Passage Through Out of Bounds", or a free-format text in a row between the control descriptions for the controls that define this course leg.

Please note that it is MANDATORY to show crossing points on the map.   However, it is OPTIONAL to provide information about crossing points in the control description.  You do not need to add such information to the control descriptions unless it adds valuable information for the competitor to hav this information in the control descriptions.

Please also note that if you have checked "Follow taped route between controls", this option is not available.  A follow marked route between controls" will automatically be added to the control description.

A word on best course planning practice

When competitors are to follow a mandatory route, place a control at the beginning of the mandatory route, and mark the route with tapes starting from the control.  Do not use a marked routes that does not start at a control.  This ensures fairness for all competitors.