Copy/Import Objects dialog
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The Copy Objects dialog can help you copy/import controls, courses, and classes, from an existing event file, into your currently open Condes event file.

You can copy EITHER the entire control/course/class "object", in other words, everything that Condes has stored about the object; OR you can copy ONLY the identifier of the object.

Copying only identifiers may be useful to populate your database with "empty" courses from a "template" event file.  A template event file could be used again and again to provide a standard set of courses and classes.

There are several ways to open the Copy Objects dialog:

Before you get to the Copy Objects dialog, you will first be asked to specify the file from which you want to import:

A "File open" dialog will pop up.  Select from this dialog the name of the file you want to import from, and click "Open".

The Copy Objects dialog now appears.  The window has two panes; the one to the left shows the available controls/courses/classes in the "source" file; the one to the right shows the existing controls/courses/classes in the currently open event file.

  1. First, choose whether you want to copy controls, courses, or classes, by selecting the relevant tab at the top of the window.

  2. Next, choose the controls/courses/classes that you want to copy into your event file.

  3. Finally, copy the objects (or their identifiers).

Pitfall:  Condes always copies from the saved version of the "source" file.   When you have the "source" file opened in Condes, and you have unsaved modifications, these will NOT appear in the copied data.