Texts, Score-O, and Status (Control dialog)
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The "Status and Additional Text" tab of the Control dialog has the following data fields:

Marking Status

This is a set of three status flags, "Site flagged", "Marker placed", and "Marker collected".  The status flags are meant to help keep track of the marking status of the control site. 

So you can set the "Site Flagged" flag when you as a course planner have placed a paper tag or a ribbon to mark the control site for the course controller.

The status of the flags will appear on the "Controls Spreadsheet" report, and will also be shown in the Course Layout Editor, when you hover the cursor over a control circle.

Score O Points

The points value of this control when used on a Score O course.

Textual Control Description

This controls the text that is used for the textual control description for this control.  You can choose to let Condes generate a simple textual control description, or you can enter a free-format text.  For more information, see How to specify if control descriptions are symbolic or textual.

Additional Text

This tab will let you enter a free format text string.  The text will be shown in a separate box underneath the control description for the control.

This feature may be used to assign a comment to a control, e.g. a course closing time may be added to the finish control.