Control Unit and Punch Pattern (Control dialog)
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The Punch tab of the Control dialog has the following data fields:

Control Units (Optional)

This option allows you to enter the control unit code(s) for this control site.  By default, Condes assumes that the control unit code is equal to the control code.

However, in some cases you may need to place, either a control unit with a different code, or multiple control units, where one or more of the codes differ from the control site's code. 

Punch (Optional)

This is a 9x9 grid to show the punch pattern for the control.  By default the "Use predefined Control Set" checkbox is checked to use the punch pattern for this control code (defined in the Predefined Punch Set).  You can define a specific punch pattern for this control by unchecking the checkbox, and clicking the "Edit" button.

Emit backup punch (Optional)

This display indicates which pin of the standard Emit backup punch that will be punched by this control.   If you do not use the same Emit punch as the control's code, uncheck the "standard" box, and enter the relevant Emit code.

Control Card Settings

Click on this button to get to the Control Card Layout dialog, where you can specify whether to use conventional control cards or Emit backup cards.