File menu commands
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The File menu offers the following commands:

New event file...

Creates a new event file.

Open event file...

Opens an existing event file.

Close event file

Closes an opened event file.

Save event file

Saves an opened event file using the same file name.

Save event file as...

Saves an opened event file to a specified file name.

Settings for this event...

Opens a dialog to edit the settings specific for this event, such as the event name.

Import OCAD Course Settting file...

Imports an OCAD course setting file and create a new Condes event file to store the imported courses.


Prints the active view.

Print Preview

Displays the active view on the screen, as it would appear when printed

Print Setup

Selects a printer and printer connection

Send to mail recipient as attachment

Prepares an e-mail in your e-mail program and attaches the current event file and map file(s) to the e-mail.  Use your e-mail program to send the e-mail

Standard settings for this PC...

Opens a dialog to configure Condes settings that are used on this PC - for example menu language


Exits Condes