Arranging Graphics objects
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When you have multiple graphics objects and they overlap, then it is important to be able to control the order that the objects are shown; in other words: which object is above and which is below.

Graphics objects (overlaid graphics, mask areas, texts and Condes logos) are ordered in a so-called Z-order.  This means that you can move each of the objects individually up or down in the order.   The course layer (course, control descriptions, course symbols) constitutes one layer in the Z-order, so you can place graphics objects above and below the course layer.

To arrange a graphics object, select it and use the menu Object / Graphics Object / Arrange, or select it, right click and use the menu Arrange.   To move the selected object up one layer, use the menu "Move up"; to move the selected object down one layer, use the menu "Move down".  

When moving an object up or down, it should be noted that the move may be relative to an object that is not overlapping and thus the move may not have any visible effect.If the object is currently just above the course layer, when moving down the object, it will move below the course layer, and vice versa if the object is currently just below the course layer and you move up the object.