Adding an enlarged section of a map
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This example shows a course layout which has an enlarged section of the map.  This can be used if there is a particularly complex section of the map that needs to be shown at a larger scale.  It is an example of using the overlaid graphics feature.  The same feature can also be used to show a section of a different map, for example a maze, as used in Labyrint Orienteering.

To create the enlarged section, start by creating an overlaid graphics object, using the New Graphics tool.   When configuring the object, choose to use the map from a canvas, and - in this case - select the same canvas that you place the object on.

Initially, the entire map is shown.   You need now crop the object by dragging the side handles, enlarge (resize) the cropped section by dragging the corner handles, and drag the object to the wanted position on the canvas.